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Florida Center for Hormones and Wellness is the leading provider of tailored, expert-led hormone therapy and hormone replacement therapy in Orlando, Florida, as well as age management and sexual wellness treatments. Our Bio-identical Hormone Optimization Therapy (BHOT) is designed to breathe new life into our patients, giving them the energy, clarity, and vitality they’ve been living without. Through our full concierge service, we make it our mission to ensure you feel amazing so you can

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“I have never felt so well taken care of during a medical visit in my life. Erin was very concerned with my life and lifestyle. She asked and answered so many questions to help find the best approach for me. I left feeling so confident that I was finally on the right track to feeling like myself again. 10/10.”

Stacie D.

“I felt a sense of relief knowing I was in GREAT hands for what is to come. Meeting Alé for the final portion of the visit was like icing on the cake, so sweet and caring. Thank you to Jeannette too for joining me! What a great staff and office. Cannot rave about this place enough, the professionalism is top tier. Thank you!”

Andrea C.

“I just started my journey today to feeling better! From the moment I stepped into my consultation I could not have felt more welcomed and made so comfortable, while expressing my reasons for being here. Erin was excellent, her professionalism and knowledge shone through. Leah was very informative and answered all questions prior to my consultation and after for my forth coming treatment plan. Thank you!”

Kevin B.

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