From DNA to Dinner Plate:
A Guide to Personalized Nutritional Success

We believe in giving you the tools that allow for sustainable change.

Whether you want to know more about us before making an appointment, or you already have one and want to get a jump start, this event is for you. Current and future patients – join us for a fun and informative event.

We’ll be covering a large variety of topics, including:

  • How our diet affects our bodies
  • How our genetics impact what diet is optimal for us
  • Learn about Nutrigenomics & how we harness the power of your genes
  • Meeting your expert dietitian & nutrigenomics practitioner
  • Explore more information about other treatments we offer
  • Pricing information
  • What to expect during your first appointment
  • We’ll help determine if you’re a good candidate for our nutrition program

It’s a robust event where we’ll cover the most frequently asked nutrition questions but also have time for one-on-one specific questions you may have.

We’re offering these twice a month during lunch time and early evenings. If these times don’t work for you contact us to schedule nutrition consultation instead.

Every session is absolutely free and limited to 50 people so sign up early to reserve your spot.

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“Nutrition is at the root of both positive and negative health outcomes. It is my mission to put my patients in the drivers seat to take control of their health, using the power of food and the most current evidence-based science available. Consider this webinar Step 1 of an amazing journey!”

Johannah Katz, Registered Dietitian & 3×4 Nutrigenomics Practitioner
Florida Center for Hormones and Wellness