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Lumecca IPL Skin Treatment in Orlando, Florida

If you’re experiencing skin conditions and you’re looking for younger, blemish free skin it is time to consider Lumecca IPL Skin Treatments at the Florida Center For Hormones & Wellness.

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Your Skin Imperfections Can Be A Thing Of The Past With Lumecca IPL Treatments In Orlando FL!

What Does Lumecca IPL Treat?

If you’re experiencing skin irregularities such as discoloration and pigmentation due to a variety of issues and want glowing, younger looking skin, at Florida Center For Hormones & Wellness with Lumecca IPL, we can help.

The great news is that Lumecca IPL can be used to treat any of the following issues:

Sun Damage
Age Spots
Vascular Lesions

Broken Blood Vessels
Acne Scars

Unsure if it’s right for you?

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How Is Lumecca IPL Different?

When it comes to custom skin care you can’t get a more advanced solution than Lumecca IPL (Intense Pulsed Light Treatment). Lumecca IPL offers faster results than standard skin treatments because it works like a laser emitting a range of light-waves that can be precisely used to target specific issues. Because this process is so precise and productive it attracts pigment more effectively.

Lumecca IPL requires less energy than its predecessors and thanks to its intense cooling sapphire you will experience less discomfort compared to other methods, as well as less downtime.

With Lumecca IPL you can anticipate seeing faster results. Treatments can be done in as little as two sessions, whereas other treatments can take five or six treatments. Best of all your results will be long lasting.

The biggest difference between Lumecca IPL and other methods is that unlike other skin treatments, Lumecca can be used on light and dark skin. This allows us the ability to treat more people who want to live their lives with beautiful skin.

What Is The Treatment Procedure Like?

At Florida Center For Hormones & Wellness we will make sure you are comfortable during your procedure. Lumecca IPL Treatments can take 30-90 minutes depending on your skin care needs.

The Lumecca procedure is done lying down with your eyes covered. We will apply a cooling gel to the area and then the light on the wand will flash and you will feel a slight sting. This sting is the pigmented cell absorbing the light which will destroy the cell and allow it to be broken down and then your body will naturally flush it away.

You will begin to notice improvement even after one treatment, but our staff will notify you of the recommended treatments required to thoroughly treat your skin issue.

Whatever health or personal care issue you would like addressed, at the Florida Center for Hormones & Wellness we have a variety of options available. We don’t stop of treating skin imperfections, we can also help with hormone issues, body sculpting and hair removal. For more skin treatment services, check out our Morpheus8 Face & Body treatments!

To learn more about any of our services in Orlando, FL, contact us today for more information.

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