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Nutritional Supplements for Wellness in Florida

We only recommend medical grade supplements which are manufactured to the same strict standards as pharmaceutical drugs. These products deliver better, more controllable results than over the counter supplements can.


Having physician prescribed supplements means you can trust the source, amount and quality of supplement you’re taking. Not to mention that in conjunction with our micronutrient lab testing, we can prescribe the supplements you actually need.

Doctor-Approved Nutritional Wellness Supplements


Most of us take supplements, self-prescribed and from an unregulated source.  When we feel tired we take “something” for energy, we have joint pain we take “something” for mobility. The Florida Center for Hormones and Wellness has partnered with XYMOGEN® to bring you MedPax.

XYMOGEN® offers the highest quality nutritional supplements in the industry. After a carefully reviewed set of labs, Dr. Carrozzella is able to prescribe the exact type and amount of supplement your body needs to maintain optimal health.


Supplement uses include:

Improved immunity

Increased energy

Mental clarity

Reduced inflammation

Improved gut health

Improved focus

Reduced blood pressure

Support crucial bodily functions

Joan Keel on Nutritional Wellness Supplements

“Supplement intake should be based on the individual’s metabolic needs, which can be better determined through micronutrient testing. We avoid a “shotgun” approach, and instead create a specifically tailored regiment to help patients achieve optimum well-being.”


-Nurse Practitioner Joan Keel, APRN-C

Supplements We Offer:


Supports Healthy Androgen and Estrogen Levels

Vitamin D

Offers Joint & Muscle Support

Neurologic & Cognitive

Cardiovascular Support

Cell-Life Regulation

Blood Sugar Support

Vitamin B-12

Supports Neurological Health

Supports Red Blood Cell Formation

Supports Healthy Sleep Patterns

Supports a Healthy Immune System


Joint & Muscle Support

Cardiovascular Support

Bone Health Support

Multivitamins & Minerals


Supports healthy blood pressure already in the normal range

Supports cardiovascular and heart health
May support respiratory health through Nitric Oxide production

Promotes increase circulation


Helps you build resistance to stress by balancing elevated cortisol

Helps reduce oxidative stress to promote scalp and hair health

Promotes a healthy inflammatory response to support cellular metabolism

Supports thyroid health

Provides nutrition for hair fiber construction to support stronger hair growth


Supports Satiety

Supports Weight Control

Supports Glucose Metabolism

Supports Cholesterol Metabolism

Supports Healthy Bowel Movements

Serves as a Prebiotic for Intestinal Bacteria


Positively Affects the Production of Arachidonic Acid-Derived Eicosanoids

Supports Cardiovascular Health

Supports Healthy Mental Functioning

Supports Healthy Glucose and Insulin Metabolism


Contributes to Balanced Gastrointestinal Flora

Supports a Healthy Immune System

Supports Intestinal Health and Function

Supports Lactose Tolerance


Foundation Nutrition for a Variety of Protocols

Basic “Insurance” Formula for Wellness

Supports Antioxidant Protection

Supports Detoxification

Supports Health in Those with Poor Nutrient Intake

Supports Those with Stressful Lifestyles


Supports Healthy Serum Folate

Supports the Conversion of Homocysteine to Methionine

Supports Methylation

Supports Nervous System and Oral Health

Supports Normal Cellular Proliferation (including red blood cells)

Supports a Healthy Pregnancy Outcome


Helps men achieve strong and rigid erections by increasing blood flow to their penis


Improves hair quality

Promotes the growth of healthy bacteria and improve nutrient retention in the gut with 7 probiotic strains

Designed to promote a healthier environment for hair to grow


Helps preserve the natural pigmentation of the hair

Keeps strands protected and strong

Helps to strengthen and thicken hair while supporting natural growth

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