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The Florida Center for Hormones and Wellness is located in the Dr. Phillips section of Orlando, Florida, and is the premier practice for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. We offer full concierge service where from the moment you walk into our office, you are treated like family. By combining expert-tailored treatment options with an incredibly high-quality patient experience, the Florida Center for Hormones and Wellness aims to bring your hormone health and wellness to new heights.

Our entire staff is trained in bio-identical hormones by the foremost leading experts in the field. We are fully equipped to ensure your experience, treatment plan, and therapy are second-to-none.

hormone health and wellness
hormone health and wellness

At Florida Center for Hormones and Wellness, we strive each day to ensure our patients receive care for their overall health that aligns with our mission and our core values.

Our Mission


Florida Center for Hormones and Wellness provides

evidence-based, life-enhancing age management to

people who deal with hormone imbalance, metabolic and sexual

problems so that they may enjoy a longer, healthier life

filled with vitality.

Our Core Values

hormone health and wellness

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