Optimized Hormone Therapy for Men

If you’re feeling the effects of aging, know that you’re not alone.

Nearly every man over the age of 30 experiences the natural decline in stamina, mental clarity, and sex drive that comes along with other changes associated with aging, due to the gradual loss of hormones. In men, this is called andropause or “male menopause” and refers mainly to decreasing levels of testosterone.

Our clinic is dedicated to providing you with a safe, healthy solution.

Signs of Hormonal Imbalance in Men:

Reduced Sexual Desire

Decreased Energy

Poor Muscle Recovery



Sleep Problems

Erectile Dysfunction


Memory Loss

Muscle Loss

Increased Body Fat

Night Sweats

Hot Flashes

Urinary Problems


Hair Loss

Meet Arthur.

When he first came to us, he was in the throws of major hormone deficiency. His life was in shambles, and his marriage was suffering because of his lack of energy, motivation, and LIFE. Now, thanks to our Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Arthur has his life back.

Custom Hormone Plans Designed by Experts

Fortunately, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can help men find relief from the symptoms they are experiencing from imbalanced hormones. At the Florida Center for Hormones & Wellness, we create customized, medically proven programs that include bio-identical hormone replacement, fitness and nutrition plans.


We know that you’re unique, and so are your body’s needs. That’s why we work hard to understand your goals, craft an individual plan, and get you feeling your best.

Individual male hormone replacement treatment programs include:

  • Treatment by your provider, who is highly trained in Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Full review of symptoms, including personal and family medical history
  • Comprehensive hormone level testing
  • Customized programs to alleviate specific symptoms based on personal medical history and lab result analysis
  • Compounded hormones and supplements
  • Nutritional and fitness recommendations and support

Flexible Treatment

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for men is available in many forms. Through an evaluation of your unique symptoms and a thorough review of blood tests, your provider will make a recommendation that is best for you. Recommended treatment options include:

  • Pellets – An implant of Bio-identical Hormone (testosterone only for men) is placed underneath the skin in a concealed area. The implants are small and they are inserted under local anesthetic. Pellet therapy can last for up to 6 months between insertions.
  • Creams – Testosterone is absorbed very well through the skin in most people and can be a simple and very effective delivery method. In some cases, though, men will have trouble getting adequate levels of testosterone when using transdermal delivery. Transdermal delivery also risks having the hormone rub off or “transfer” to others who should not be exposed to such high levels of hormone.
  • Injections – Testosterone can also be injected directly into the muscles and can be a very effective way to increase levels of testosterone. This method does, however, require weekly or most often, twice-weekly injections to get adequate and constant levels of the hormone.


Your provider will schedule appointments to continually monitor your hormone levels and to review the alleviation of your symptoms. Treatment will be revised as necessary until the optimum balance is achieved. This is why we call our approach Bio-Identical Hormone Optimization Therapy (BHOT).


We’ve created treatment plans that revolve around a concierge model, meaning we’re here for you whenever you need us, whenever you have a question, or whenever you’re looking to take your health and wellness to the next level.

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