Orlando’s Premier Wellness Speakers’ Series

Has concluded for the 2022 calendar year. Check back for updates.

wellness matters

This is a golden opportunity for you to learn how to maximize your potential and realize one thing: Wellness Matters.

This series was designed just for you. At Florida Center for Hormones and Wellness, we are experts when it comes to hormone optimization and achieving overall wellness using cutting edge treatment, and now we’re expanding upon our expertise by bringing in outside speakers for you to learn from.

Join us each month for an evening of discovery, exploration, and self improvement. Each of our speakers was carefully selected for their knowledge, insight, and passion within their field. Don’t miss your chance to take part in Wellness Matters.

Every session is absolutely free and limited to 50 people so sign up early to reserve your spot.

wellness matters


If you’re deeply interested in living a long, healthy, happy life, there is something for you in the Wellness Matters series.


Wellness Matters is a wellness oriented speakers’ series designed to bring cutting edge, science driven information to the members of our community who want to live their best life.


Wellness Matters is hosted monthly, typically on the 3rd Thursday of the month. Please check dates and times carefully when registering for an event.


Wellness Matters is hosted at the Florida Center for Hormones and Wellness in Dr. Phillips, Orlando, FL.


We organize and host Wellness Matters each year because we believe that having a happy and healthy community starts with education. Our goal is to provide free, fun, and invaluable education events to wellness-minded individuals eager to learn and grow with us!